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    Urgent care centers in Penza equipped with AI-enhanced telecardiographs

    March 21 2023


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    SberMedAI continues to support the Russian regions in their development of healthcare digitalization projects. As part of cooperation with the regional government, Penza urgent care centers have been equipped with MDDC Cardio telecardiographs with a built-in algorithm based on artificial intelligence for ECG processing.

    MDDC Cardio hardware and software systems provide reliable decision support for paramedics and emergency personnel. ECG data is automatically processed by AI: the algorithm determines the amplitude-time parameters of the patient, according to which the doctor makes a conclusion. Internet access allows to quickly send the study for verification to the specialized doctors of the regional central hospitals and receive recommendations on treatment, transfer and monitoring of the patient.

    Vyacheslav Kosmachyov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health of the Penza Region:

    Artificial intelligence makes it possible to reduce the processing time of ECG data by 20%, improve the quality of diagnostics, and conduct examinations of patients at their place of residence. It plays an important role in the fight for the lives and health of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

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