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    TOP 3 Helping Moscow Doctors Issue 2M Diagnoses per Year

    September 16 2021


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    This figure was highlighted by Yulia Urozhaieva, First Deputy Head of Social Development, Moscow Government, at the 4th Regional Social Innovations Forum.

    To enable the decision-support system, we have prepared a powerful clinical base. Firstly, near 300 doctors wrote 87 clinical protocols in a year. In addition to the protocol writing, the doctors submitted their improvement requests.
    “We talked a lot with doctors and tried to understand what data format they would be happy with, why they need certain data, and how they use them. Besides, this way you get more people who have already been inspired with your product. How could we get 2 million diagnoses in just a year of use? Because the system is convenient to doctors, it is intuitive and likable,” explains Yulia Urozhaieva.

    The TOP 3 also contains reference data for doctors. We strived to create a simple and efficient tool for accurate diagnosing and fast assigning of patients.

    To learn more, read at RBC 


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