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    SberMedAI Partnering with Lipetsk Region

    July 15 2021


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    Sber is proactive in establishing partnerships with regions of Russia for digitalization of medical services.
    On 14 July 2021, Olga Golodets, Deputy Chair of Sberbank, had a meeting with Yuri Artamonov, Head of the Lipetsk Region.

    Since 2020, our CT Lungs solution is being piloted in the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital. The AI-based CT Lungs service takes a couple of minutes to analyze a CT image of the chest damaged with virus pneumonia (including COVID-19) and suggests to the radiologist the area and percent of the damage.

    We develop solutions to help doctors issue a fast and accurate diagnosis, perform an efficient treatment, and speed up the convalescence. Hospital doctors help us improve the algorithms and give extensive feedback to improve the model and its accuracy.

    Watch the meeting video

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