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    Mobile diagnostics software-hardware complex for conducting investigations and getting conclusions from AI and healthcare specialists in real-time

    Medical Digital Diagnostic Center – MDDC

    Presenting our Medical Digital Diagnostic Center – MDDC. The novel platform unites 50+ products and solutions developed by SberMedAI, including TOP 3 Doctor’s Smart Assistant, CT Lungs, and CT Stroke.

    How CT Stroke is used in the Khabarovsk Territory for testing and additional training

    Our CT Stroke service is being tested and retrained in the Khabarovsk Regional Hospital No. 2 and the doctors of the local X-ray department are helping to make it even better. Since 2020, we have been comparing doctor and AI diagnoses to improve the accuracy of our smart assistant.
    Today its accuracy is at 96%.

    Watch the video with subtitles in English.

    CT Lungs fast and accurate identification of lung diseases

    CT Lungs is an AI-based solution that gives the doctor a second opinion and reduces the risk of error in CT lung examinations.

    Today the program is successfully in use at medical institutions in four regions of Russia. CT Lungs greatly facilitated the task of specialists during a pandemic by allowing to quickly and accurately determine whether there is pathology in the lungs and what the percentage of affected tissue is.

    Watch the video with subtitles in English.

    TOP 3 - smart doctor assistant

    TOP 3 helps general practitioners make a diagnosis at the first appointment. The therapist records the patient's symptoms into the system and receives a hint in the form of the three most likely diagnoses from the ICD-10 reference book.

    In May, the TOP3 smart doctor assistant became the champion of the WSIS Prizes 2021, organized by the United Nations. Our service has received official recognition for its outstanding contribution to the implementation of technological solutions in the field of e-Health.

    Watch the video with subtitles in English.

    CT Stroke – fast AI-based diagnosis of stroke

    Introducing another of our artificial intelligence-based services: CT Stroke.

    The patient's life often depends on the speed of stroke diagnosis. Our neural network quickly analyzes a CT brain scan without the introduction of contrast, in a few minutes the algorithm finds the pathology and determines whether the stroke is hemorrhagic or ischemic.
    The model is constantly being improved and retrained, today its accuracy is at ~96%.

    Watch the video with subtitles in English.