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    Radiologist in a Medtech company. Specifics of work with AI services

    December 13 2022


    Reading time 1 minutes

    Creation of AI-based medical services starts with a proper problem statement. It’s important to launch a product that is in demand, that solves specific problems and helps doctors do their jobs even better. That’s why we work with doctors, experts in their field, at every stage to develop med-tech solutions. Today, we are going to tell you what tasks the radiologists on the team do.


    What do radiologists do as part of their work at MDDC? 

    Radiologists participate in the development of AI services, including in making decisions about the future direction of development and how to improve artificial intelligence.   They mark X rays and CT scans for machine learning, test services, and help refine algorithms. As part of the MDDC expert monitoring center, they also perform the standard work of a radiologist: after processing by AI algorithms, the examinations are checked by the doctor who forms the final conclusion.


    What are the obvious and non-obvious knowledge and skills that a radiologist needs? 

    Obviously, a radiologist needs knowledge of diagnostic features of a wide profile (all areas of examination and various techniques: X-ray, CT, MRI). And additionally – multitasking and the ability to concentrate quickly.


    How much in demand is the profession of a radiologist in our country? 

    There is a shortage of radiation diagnosticians in the world and in our country today. At the same time, without instrumental diagnosis and high-quality radiologist findings, clinical specialists are not always able to diagnose the patient. The profession is in high demand, and with the development of AI, it will be even more important to develop expertise, reducing to zero the probability of diagnostic errors.


    What does one need to learn about the topic to be in demand in the med-tech segment?

    First of all, the classics, lectures by Tyurin, Matthias Hofer, and the atlas of body sections by Ellis, Logan and Dixon. Standards and orders of the Ministry of Health are also relevant. Materials on the radiologists’ portal, the website of the European Society of Radiology will be useful. It is also important to read specialized publications: “Radiology – Practice“, “Medical Visualization“, Radiology.

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