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    Presenting our Medical Digital Diagnostic Center – MDDC

    August 27 2021


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    We have studied the needs of the governmental and private healthcare institutions and cooperated with them to develop a most convenient and demandable product. Thus we got the service to assist doctors in diagnosing and decision-making, based on three type of data:

    — Imaging (CT, MRT, ultrasound);

    — Tests (including histology);

    — Primary visit data (due to the integration with our TOP 3 service).

    The novel platform unites 50+ products and solutions developed by SberMedAI, including TOP 3 Doctor’s Smart Assistant, CT Lungs, and CT Stroke.

    One can consult with the ‘digital council’ across a range of specialties: therapy, cardiology, radiology, oncology, surgery, and dentistry. Doctors and hospitals across the country can connect to the MDDC.


    Step 1— A doctor sends a request to the MDDC

    Step 2 — The AI analyzes the data uploaded and issues the primary diagnosis

    Step 3 —The MDDC specialist assesses the AI-made diagnosis and issues the final diagnosis

    Step 4 — The MDDC specialist returns the final diagnosis to the uploading doctor.


    All data are transferred via secure communication channels. We have also developed a secure messenger with data encryption, to transfer both images and Dicom files.


    To process the data uploaded, the AI algorithms need 3 minutes at most. The time to verify the diagnosis by the MDDC specialist depends on the case complexity and may take 15 minutes or more.

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