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SOC Engineer

SIEM implementation and operation. Monitoring security events. 3+ years of relevant work experience



– SIEM implementation and operation;
– connecting event sources and creating normalization rules;
– creating correlation rules;
– playbook development and testing;
– monitoring security events;
– detecting incidents in security events;
– incident response and handling;
– participating in the investigation of security incidents;
– reporting.


– 3+ years of relevant work experience;
– knowledge and understanding of OSI model, TCP/IP stack, HTTP/HTTPS protocols, DNS, DHCP, ARP, etc.;
– understanding of modern web applications;
– knowledge of latest security threats, vulnerabilities, attack techniques, as well as detection and response methods (e.g., using Mitre Att&ck);
– hands-on experience in identifying and participating in the investigation of security incidents, developing recommendations to prevent future incidents;
– experience in Windows/Linux OS administration and understanding of how they work;
– experience in the investigation of security incidents using IRP/SOAR, SIEM;
– experience in SIEM implementation, connecting event sources and creating normalization, correlation rules;
– experience with playbook development.


Preferred qualifications


– knowledge of scripting languages;
– experience in SOC operations.


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