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    Medvedevo Central District Hospital received the first MDDC FAP in Mari El

    December 6 2022


    Reading time 1 minutes

    Medvedevo Central District Hospital received the republic’s first MDDC FAP. The mobile diagnostic software system is designed to work at rural health posts. It was handed over to the medics by the Mari El Branch of Sberbank in Mari El and SberMedAI.

    The system is made as diagnostic equipment in a compact case for safe transportation and storage, with a connection to the Internet and services based on artificial intelligence. It includes an electrocardiograph, a tonometer, a blood analyzer (to measure glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides), a thermometer, a pulse oximeter.

    The MDDC FAP optimizes the efficiency of primary health care and prophylactic medical examinations in rural health posts. In addition, it provides a link between medical and preventive institutions and hard-to-reach settlements. Thanks to this, the rural population can get a whole range of examinations, routine and emergency consultations from profile specialists of the central hospitals of the region.

    The devices have registration certificates from Roszdravnadzor, and the information system for the doctor is included in the Register of Russian Software. The equipment of the system is integrated with medical information systems (MIS and RMIS), which saves time for the doctor to fill out electronic medical records and makes it possible to quickly send examinations via secure communication channels to the attending physician and the platform of the Medical Digital Diagnostic Center.

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