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    For medical professionals

    AI-Assisted Clinical Decision Support System

    SberMedAI products are based on AI algorithms and help doctors at all stages of clinical decision making

    Benefits of using medical AI in your clinic

    Save time when working with patients

    Second opinion for better diagnosis

    Support for clinical decisions

    Better prioritizing with hospitalization decisions

    Reducing the risk of undetected pathologies and misdiagnoses


    We offer available digital services for medicine and smart solutions that optimize ambulance, diagnosis and verification processes by combining advanced technologies and the experience of doctors on a single platform

    Wide range of products

    Our product selection cover the majority of needs in clinics and is constantly updated with new solutions

    Our partners

    Higher scientific institutions of Russia

    Research centers and development institutes

    Scientific and development organizations


    Analysis of electroencephalogram signals using machine learning technologies for the detection of focal epileptiform discharges
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    Project Achoo: Mobile app and model for COVID-19 detection from breath, voice and cough samples.
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    Stroke classification on non-contrast computed tomograms with Deep U-Net.
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    CoRSAI: A system for reliably interpreting CT scans of COVID-19 patients using deep learning.
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    Diagnosis prediction based on electronic medical records of patients using BERT-based neural networks.
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