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    How AI-based services help doctors in Moscow

    February 7 2023


    Reading time 1 minutes

    TOP3 Doctor’s Smart Assistant, the clinical decision making support system created in partnership with SberMedAI, Sber AI Lab and the Moscow Government, can suggest three most probable diagnoses to a physician using AI. Since 2020 the service has been launched in all adult polyclinics in Moscow.  Over 3,500 doctors use it every day. The system is capable of identifying 256 different diseases, which is 95% of all possible diagnoses which Russians are given during the first visit to a doctor.

    This was discussed today during the formal meeting between Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

    “A system of clues has been developed for general practitioners, and nine million diagnoses has already been established using artificial intelligence,” Sergey Sobyanin said. He also emphasized that this is great support for a doctor and a unique system for Moscow and for the whole world.

    Last year the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) issued a registration certificate for the service, hazard class 3. The service proved to be effective and safe for patients based on the results of a large-scale experiment on using innovative technologies in the health care system of Moscow.

    During the conversation Vladimir Putin emphasized that such an effective system should certainly be rolled out across the country.



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