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    For healthcare providers

    Developing AI algorithms for medicine and healthcare

    We develop digital technologies based on advanced artificial intelligence models using computer vision, machine learning and data analysis. Our models have up to 90% accuracy and factor in the individual characteristics of each medical organizations.

    Benefits of using medical AI


    AI products can be used in remote regions

    Early diagnosis

    The use of AI algorithms in diagnostics allows detecting diseases at the earliest stages

    Second opinion

    Faster and higher quality medical diagnostics due to the second opinion

    Workload reduction

    Automation of routine processes for analyzing medical data

    Save time

    Simplify the collection of summary reports and analytical information by healthcare professionals

    Reduce potential medical errors

    Increase the reliability of data due to the absence of a human factor

    Optimize costs at the stage of early diagnosis

    Increase life expectancy due to early diagnosis of diseases

    Reduce economic losses due to the reduction of temporary disability of the population

    Accelerate digitalization of the regional healthcare system

    Our comprehensive solution is available immediately

    Audit of regional infrastructure and/or medical institutions

    Analysis of the current state and preparation of optimization recommendations

    Development of a comprehensive digitalization strategy

    Creation of a data collection and analysis system, infrastructure for the implementation of analytical products, enrichment, structuring and preparation of medical data for further use

    Search and integration of partner solutions

    Selection and integration of partner solutions on a medical platform

    Launch of pilot projects

    Organization and support of pilot projects within our line of medical solutions

    Regulation and certification of projects

    All products presented on the medical platform must be certified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

    Technical integration and configuration solutions

    Integration of laboratory products and partners with medical information systems

    Technical support and user training

    Training, preparation and certification of users

    AI solutions have provided:


    less patient readmissions


    more cases of full remission


    less false-positive MRI results


    better readmission rate

    Clients using AI solutions have confirmed:


    less time spent on updating records and writing reports


    more time to concentrate on working with patients


    Analysis of electroencephalogram signals using machine learning technologies for the detection of focal epileptiform discharges
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    Project Achoo: Mobile app and model for COVID-19 detection from breath, voice and cough samples.
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    Stroke classification on non-contrast computed tomograms with Deep U-Net.
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    CoRSAI: A system for reliably interpreting CT scans of COVID-19 patients using deep learning.
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    Diagnosis prediction based on electronic medical records of patients using BERT-based neural networks.
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