Chest x-ray

AI solution that identifies abnormalities on chest x-rays for faster, more accurate diagnosis

How does it work?

The algorithm analyzes radiographs, detects and highlights pathological changes in the image, and generates a preliminary conclusion for the physician. One study takes less than 8 seconds to process.

Based on the results, the system generates a conclusion and provides a research report. The algorithm detects signs of pathologies: focal shadows, annular shadows, dissemination, pleural effusions, petrificates, pneumothorax, cardiovascular pathology, fractures, changes skeletal changes, foreign body

How the service works

Chest x-ray is based on InсeptionV3, Inсeption ResNet-2, ResNet-50 neural networks. They use image recognition to mark samples up according to a certain algorithm, learning on large datasets from x-ray and medical reports. Neural networks are supplemented with a specific environment for their interaction with users. 

Accuracy of pathology detection > 95%

The service provides

Support in making clinical decisions by sorting and prioritizing research of pathologies
Reduced burden on doctors due to automatic detection of affected areas
Improved early diagnosis, including serious diseases
Reduced risk of medical errors