Automatic documentation of ultrasound investigation results using AI

How it works

1. Data from the U/S scanner is transferred to the computer via LAN connection during U/S.

2. A report is created automatically, measurement parameters and U/S semiotics are transferred directly from scanner display, brief doctor commands are considered.

3. The complete report can be printed and sent to the central medical archive right from the scanner.

4. Unique technology uses AI algorithms to get data and is compatible with most U/S device producers. It can be connected to the existing equipment without interfering with the software.


For the administration

Unified U/S documentation standard

Connecting all MPI U/S scanners to a single network

For the doctor

Fast, accurate and user-friendly

No more routine paperwork

For the patient

Immediate hand-out of U/S results

Ultrasound scans available

Thyroid gland

Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space organs

Lacteal gland

Lesser pelvis organs for females


Head, neck, and upper extremity vessels

Abdominal cavity and lower extremity vessels

Fetus investigation

Male organs

Lungs (COVID-19)

>90% - clinical ultrasound tasks (adult patients)