Detection of Skin Conditions from a Photo Using AI

AI-based online service and mobile application that recognize 7 types of skin rashes from photos: melanomas, basaliomas, melanocytic nevi, actinic and seborrheic keratoses, vascular rashes and dermatofibromas

How does it work?

1. A patient or doctor uploads a photo via an online service or mobile application.
2. The algorithm analyzes them and compares them with the sample base for diagnostics.
3. The system generates a suggested diagnosis that must be verified by a doctor.

The service helps doctors and patients to

Reduce the risk of medical errors

Accelerate analysis of symptoms for initial diagnosis

Get affordable self-diagnosis for faster detection of skin conditions

Reduce the burden on doctors through primary self-diagnosis

Detailed operating principle

Skin AI is based on the algorithms of the convolutional neural network EfficientNet, pre-trained on the ImageNet dataset, which is responsible for the analysis and classification of images.  Data for training provided by Cornell University (New York, USA).

Main advantages

Highest accuracy among similar solutions - 95%
Detection of a wide range of the most common skin conditions
Convenient AI Skin mobile application for smartphones on iOS and Android

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