X-ray Foot

The analysis of a lateral X-ray to identify longitudinal flatfoot and its degree

How it works

1. The doctor uploads a lateral X-ray of the foot.

2. The artificial intelligence analyzes the X-ray of the foot and:

identifies anatomical landmarks on the X-ray, based on which the foot arch angle in degrees and the foot arch height in millimetres are measured
specifies in the description the presence or absence of longitudinal flatfoot and its degree from 0 to 3

3. The doctor makes a decision and a diagnosis based on the results of the analyses by the artificial intelligence.

How the service helps doctors

t reduces the X-rays processing time when the flow of patients is increased

It simplifies diagnostics by analyzing images automatically

It reduces the load on doctors due to a ready-made description by the AI based on the prepared protocol

The principle of operation of the algorithms

X-ray of the foot before the processing by the AI

X-ray of the foot after the processing by the AI