Mammography Analysis by Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered algorithm that helps identify suspicious lesions on mammography images of the mammary glands

How does it work?

1. Images are uploaded to the system.

2. The service analyzes them using the international BI-RADS scale.

3. Based on the results of the analysis, the system determines the contours of suspicious formations, the likelihood of a malignant tumor and the need for re-examination.

The service helps doctors to

Reduce the burden on the doctor due to automatic marking of images
Reduce time for analysis of one study to 1 minute or less
Standardize diagnosis and enable quick and informed decisions regardless of experience
Gain earlier detection of pathologies - including oncology
Accelerate comprehensive diagnostics (screening) of a patient

Model accuracy

Sensitivity 92%

Proportion of correctly defined positive results

Specificity 78%

Proportion of correctly defined negative results

Main advantages

High accuracy in determining pathologies and their qualities

Determines pathologies in all 4 projections, in all studies, including those from different devices

Adaptation to customer requirements

Uses one of the largest sample bases for training