Applications to Diagnose Respiratory Diseases (including COVID-19)

An AI-powered service that identifies respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, based on symptoms of breathing, coughing and speech

How does it work?

1. The doctor records the audio diagnosis of the patient.
2. The system analyzes breathing and speech, the presence of cough and shortness of breath.
3. Based on the results, makes one of two assumptions: low or high probability of COVID-19.

The service helps doctors and patients to

•  Improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosing COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.


•  Slow down the spread of infection by informing patients about their status.

Main advantages

High accuracy - 0.614.
Huge sample base for training
Non-invasive service: no injections or scrapings required
Suitable for express screening of office workers, enterprises and medical institutions
Convenient online service and mobile application