AI-based service for detecting pathologies on ECG. Integrates into ECG devices for ambulance stations and urgent care centers

The service helps doctors and patients to

Significantly speed up ECG processing

Gain access to quality healthcare from anywhere

Get emergency teleconsultation without waiting for hospitalization

Create and accumulate ECG database for subsequent analysis and improvement of diagnostics

Optimize the work of the ambulance units

Accelerate care for critically ill patients

How does it work?

1. Doctor uploads ECG data.
2. The service analyzes it and identifies possible pathologies.
3. The results are displayed online and are visible to all connected emergency, urgent care and specialist doctors.
4. A specialist connected to the service receives a call and gives advice via video communication.

Calls are distributed randomly among all doctors who are now online.

You can connect for online consultations from either work or home workstations. During patient resuscitation, the service performs online ECG monitoring.

The main advantages of the service

Reliability of results at the level of 98%

Online monitoring of the patient's ECG during resuscitation

Automatic input of complete patient data

Online ECG data transmission in one click

Protecting personal data with end-to-end encryption

Electronic digital signature of a consultant physician for sending of medical documents through the Internet