Mobile diagnostics software and getting conclusions from AI and healthcare specialists in real-time
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    Mobile diagnostics software and hardware complex for conducting investigations and getting conclusions from AI in real-time

    Potential users

    Urgent care centers (UCCs)

    Healthcare organizations

    First-aid stations


    MDDC FAP is integrated with the Medical Digital Diagnostic Center (MDDC) and includes AI algorithms for interpreting and routing data received from the devices.

    Thanks to the integration with the MIS, the mobile solution allows you to send the results of the patient’s investigation online to the attending physician.

    MDDC FAP connects the central district (regional) hospital and UCCs, which is successfully used in hard-to-reach and remote areas. This makes it possible to conduct effective primary examination and routine population health assessment.

    The diagnostics complex includes

    Medical equipment for primary examination

    Case for equipment transportation and storage

    Software connected to AI and reference centers for diagnostics

    MDDC FAP medical equipment

    ECG recorder

    Blood pressure monitor

    Blood analyzer (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides)


    Urine analyzer

    Pulse oximeter

    The set can be added with an otoscope, portable ultrasound machine, fluoroscopy or X-ray machine, Holter monitor, video conference system for consulting with specialists, the Top 3 Diagnoses smart health assistant, other services and equipment.

    How MDDC FAP works


    The doctor examines the patient using MDDC FAP tools.


    The results of the examination are automatically uploaded to the program and stored in the system.


    AI algorithms process the results in real time and offer a preliminary conclusion.


    MDDC FAP - mobile diagnostics software and hardware complex for feldsher-midwife station


    Russian regions use MDDC FAP


    examinations conducted with the mobile diagnostic complex




    In Tatarstan, MDDC FAP has been piloted at three Tatarstan healthcare organizations: autonomous public healthcare institutions Chistopolye Central District Hospital, Yelabuga Central District Hospital and Aktanysh CDH.


    The diagnostic equipment complex with internet connection and AI algorithms has enabled feldshers and doctors of these healthcare facilities to conduct population health assessments efficiently, increased primary care effectiveness and facilitated patient care provision.



    mobile diagnostic complex MDDC FAP


    patients screened using MDDC FAP


    procedures were carried out by devices in a mobile case


    ECG processed by AI algorithms

    Rostov region


    MDDC FAP was successfully piloted at the Central District Hospital of Aksai District in Temernitskiy settlement


    Three MDDC FAP software-hardware complexes for mobile diagnostics have been launched in the Rostov region after a successful pilot. The complexes will help doctors and medical assistants at Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institution Central District Hospital for Salsky district, Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institution Central District Hospital for Aksaysky district and Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institution Central District Hospital for Oktyabrsky district.


    for 1 month of piloting


    mobile diagnostic complex MDDC FAP


    patients screened using MDDC FAP


    procedures were carried out by devices in a mobile case


    ECG processed by AI algorithms


    The implementation of this AI-powered mobile solution in the outpatient unit of Central Aksaysky District Hospital made it possible to enhance the quality of medical care in remote areas.
    MDDC FAP used to examine patients at the urgent care center of the Verkhnetemerinsky settlement significantly accelerates the population health assessment and helps doctors in real time to conduct a whole range of investigations and get scheduled and emergency consultations from healthcare specialists. It reduces doctors’ workloads while improving patient satisfaction. AI technologies help doctors to make a diagnosis and open up new prospects for early detection and prevention of diseases.

    Igor Galeev, Chief Physician of Central Aksaysky District Hospital in Rostov Oblast

    This technology allows doctors to examine patients on-site both to conduct population health assessment and to detect hypertension, diabetes and other serious diseases. For data transmission and telemedicine consultations, you need only access to the Internet or Wi-Fi.

    Rustam Kalibatov, Minister of Health of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    The complex is indeed beneficial as the incorporated equipment is integrated with the doctor’s workplace, thus helping paramedics save a sufficient amount of time. Artificial intelligence is another benefit as it assists paramedical personnel in making a diagnosis and, more importantly, draws their attention to important pathologies in patients.

    Ruslan Zhumagaliev, Krasnoyarsk district hospital CMO

    Using the complex, we can quickly identify abnormalities, suspect a number of diseases and send the patient to the clinic for examination

    Alexander Penziakov, Chief physician of Sol-Iletsk Interdistrict hospital

    I am pleased to note that the Yazykovskaya district hospital was the first in the republic to receive such equipment. It will allow us to effectively conduct primary and planned medical examination of our population. I thank the Sber team for this useful and very necessary gift. In the near future, our paramedics will begin testing the novelty.

    Marat Yusupov, Head of the Blagovarsky District Administration