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    AI medical equipment

    Artificial intelligence software-hardware complexes for patient diagnostics, healthcare provision, population health assessment

    Tasks performed by the system

    Facilitating diagnosis

    by AI algorithms integrated in the equipment

    Automating patient health data collection and storage

    through unified health data storage and consolidated data transfer in different types and formats to get a conclusion

    Saving patient visit time

    via automated data collection and integration with medical information systems

    Assisting doctors in making a diagnosis

    through getting a preliminary conclusion from AI

    Saving time and reducing doctor workload

    via automated data processing and image layout alongside automated investigation description and documentation

    Leveling healthcare quality

    analyzing medical images prevents skipping potential pathology areas in different conditions

    Medical equipment


    Mobile diagnostics software-hardware complex for conducting investigations and getting conclusions from AI in real-time


    MDDC Cardio

    Device for ECG investigations with AI result interpretation. Used in urgent care centers and ambulance cars




    This technology allows doctors to examine patients on-site both to conduct population health assessment and to detect hypertension, diabetes and other serious diseases. For data transmission you need only access to the Internet or Wi-Fi.

    Rustam Kalibatov, Minister of Health of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

    MDDC Cardio

    As the medical artificial intelligence (AI) system increases the accuracy of diagnosis, such electrocardiographs are much-needed in our urgent care centers, especially in remote areas where there are no cardiologists who could determine the patient's condition from ECG and provide them with the necessary medical care in a timely manner.

    Alexander Tsydypov, Chief Physician of Ivolginsky Central District Hospital in the Republic of Buryatia