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    Diagnosis by means of AI

    Medical digital diagnostic centre (MDDC) is an AI-based service for making fast and accurate diagnoses and getting medical opinions from MDDC medical specialists

    MDDC is created to support medical decision-making based on data from initial attendance, instrumental and lab diagnostics. The service is integrated with information systems and medical data sources. It relies on AI technologies for data processing and analysis. Final medical opinion is given by MDDC doctors across a wide range of specialties.

    The service provides doctors with AI-based investigation analysis, consultation and assistance from MDDC doctors across a wide range of specialties.


    Automatic analysis of x-rays, CT, ECG, U/S and other investigations

    Complete investigation description by AI

    Verification of AI conclusions by MDDC doctors and getting a medical opinion

    Wide range of highly specialized doctors

    Integration with MIS and medical data sources

    User-friendly online platform for getting medical opinions from any Russian region

    We develop digital technologies based on advanced artificial intelligence models, using computer vision, machine learning and data analysis, tailored to medical organizations and up to 90% accuracy.


    Russian regions use MDDC-based AI


    types of medical activities


    online access to MDDC platform from any Russian region

    AI-based MDDC helps

    To make up for qualified specialists

    To facilitate diagnostic processes

    To automatize routing processes

    To save time during patient visit

    How it works


    A doctor uploads medical data for AI processing


    AI algorithms process the data and make a preliminary diagnosis


    If necessary, you can apply for a verification from specialists registered in MDDC

    Process flowchart

    Remote Description Center

    Remote Description Center

    The Medical Digital Diagnostic Center employs doctors of the first and highest category with extensive practical experience. We offer medical organizations to get high-quality interpretation of MRI, CT, PET/CT, mammography, X-ray, etc. images by connecting to the services of the center.

    Remote Description Center

    Expert advice

    It is very important for us to provide the most in-demand services for healthcare and our team of experts helps to guide the development of services towards this very goal

    Alexander Kuleshov

    Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Rector of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

    Kirill Kayem

    Senior Vice President for Innovation, Skolkovo Foundation

    Andrey Ivaschenko

    Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of Innovative Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology and Biotechnology, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    Natalia Suponeva

    MD, neurologist of the highest qualification category, functional diagnostics doctor. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor

    Nikolay Karyakin

    Rector of Privolzhsky Research Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences

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    User reviews


    “The use of the program with artificial intelligence supporting physicians and therapists is very convenient in everyday use. The service is also useful for young professionals for training purposes."

    Dilya Khaidarova, General practitioner at Vysokogorskaya Central District Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan

    CT Stroke

    “Each diagnosis used to take from 10 minutes to an hour. Thanks to the AI, the examination takes 2 minutes, which reduces lots of stress on the radiologist. "

    Anton Polyakov, Head of the department, doctor of the highest category of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2, Khabarovsk

    CT Lungs

    “A preliminary analysis of the results obtained with the service allows us to conclude that the model works correctly at least 95% of cases. In its current form, the system can potentially reduce the doctor's time spent on screening medical images

    Igor Bragin, Chief physician of GB Asbest