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    CT Stroke Tested and Retrained in Khabarovsk Region

    August 5 2021


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    At the Khabarovsk Regional Hospital #2, our CT Stroke is being tested and retrained. The Radiology Unit doctors help to improve the service. Since 2020, we have been comparing diagnoses issued by doctors and the AI to improve the accuracy of the Smart Assistant. By now, it is 96%.

    This is our common achievement. The earlier the brain damage is discovered, the more chances we have to preserve a person’s life, speed up the treatment launch, and minimize the consequences.

    To assess a brain CT image with stroke suspected, a doctor needs from 15 to 60 minutes. The CT Stroke service issues the opinion in 2 minutes. The AI system sees certain signs of a stroke and alarms the doctor. A radiologist can quickly and accurately determine the diagnosis. The Smart Assistant is most useful in urgent cases and during night shifts. It can provide a second opinion when really needed.

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