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    Become part of digitization in health care

    A comprehensive proposal for health professionals

    About us

    Solution developer uses artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.
    It forms part of Sber Group.

    SberMedAI platform integrates developments and solutions, both its own and those made by companies within Sber ecosystem and its partners.


    Russian regions have been connected to our services and use services provided by MDDC doctors


    types of medical activities

    We are seeking doctors for MDDC in the following areas

    Radiologists ( CT, MRI, mammography, X-ray)

    Surgical oncologists

    Ultrasound specialists



    Functional diagnostics specialists


    What are we ready to provide?

    Possibility of working remotely irrespective of region

    Official salary, employment in compliance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, VHI. Professional liability insurance

    Flexible work: You can combine work at MDDC with your main work in medicine

    Possibility of working and gaining experience in a rapidly developing area (telemedicine, AI), and conduct research with support from Skoltech

    A convenient digital platform For remote processing of incoming examination data and for communication between doctors via secure channels

    Unrestricted access to AI-based services to prepare final medical opinions

    What are the main tasks

    Preparing medical opinions based on examination results (telemedicine / radiology)

    If necessary, advice and communication with customers (specialists from medical institutions)

    Taking part in training of new AI models (advice and data labeling)

    Working remotely on MDDC digital platform

    Professional skills

    Graduate medical education

    A valid certificate for specialty

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