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    An MDDC FAP provides health care for residents of the Komi Republic

    January 26 2023


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    The republic is carrying out a pilot project on using an MDDC FAP.

    The complex of diagnostic equipment has connection to the Internet and AI-based services. It was sent to the Syktyvkar City Hospital (Krasnozatonsky locality) for operation in rural medical centers in serviced districts. The MDDC FAP will enable paramedics and doctors to carry out check-up, including localities which are difficult to access. Over 20 examinations have been carried out since the launch of the pilot project.

    Natalya Filimonova, chief physician of the Medical Digital Diagnostic Center (MDDC):

    “AI-based screening systems enable timely identification of patients with diseases, preventing development of chronic diseases, and ranging cases by severity. ECG processing by algorithms improves accuracy and quality of diagnosis, and speed of processing examination results, which is often critical for saving a patient’s life. Such an integrated diagnostic solution improves doctors’ performance and makes health care much more convenient for patients in  regions, including areas which are difficult to access.”

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