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    AI-Powered Diagnostic Systems Are Put into Operation at Healthcare Institutions in Tomsk

    January 24 2023


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    Healthcare institutions in the region have been provided with two new mobile diagnostic hardware and software systems. An MDDC Cardio telecardiology unit has been put into operation at the Pervomaysky District Hospital, and an MDCC FAP has been launched at the Tomsk Phthisiopulmonology Center.

    The MDDC Cardio telecardiology unit incorporates an AI algorithm for automated ECG data processing. The state-of-the-art technological solution helps to detect cardiovascular disorders with an accuracy of up to 90%. The unit also enables a 20% reduction in data processing time. A digital archive of ECG data is stored on a server, which makes it possible to compare data over time.

    The basic version of the MDCC FAP includes an ECG machine, a blood pressure monitor, a blood analyzer (for glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride tests) and a urine analyzer, a thermometer and a pulse oximeter. It displays test results in real time and provides AI-based ECG interpretation that is then verified by medical experts.

    These state-of-the-art technological solutions will make it easier for doctors to treat patients with impaired mobility and people living in remote towns.

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