Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

We combine advanced artificial intelligence technologies and professional experience of doctors into a single SberMedAI platform, designed to improve the healthcare system and help healthcare professionals make quality diagnoses.

Our many years of experience in the development of high-tech services for the healthcare sector allow us to provide the most requested services to the market, and resources and qualifications to integrate high-tech services into healthcare institutions.

By automating routine procedures, we provide doctors more freedom to follow their true vocation: taking care of the patient.

Advanced ecosystem for AI solutions

Our solutions help:
- Medical institutions to achieve the best results
- Doctors make effective decisions
- Patients to stay healthy
- Developers and scientists to bring their ideas to life

We develop and provide a complete set of services for creating medical solutions, including: development, testing, registration and market launch.

Our solutions

Comprehensive supplier of AI-powered medical applications

To healthcare providers

Unified platform for digitalization of medical services, support for clinical decision-making, and providing stable quality of local medical care.

To healthcare professionals

AI-powered products that support all stages of clinical decision-making

To developers

Help launch, certify, distribute and support AI-powered medical solutions

Mobile applications

AI-based solutions for receiving an individual primary diagnosis and supporting opinion on common diseases. Does not replace the opinion of the doctor, but allows to get better picture of the disease

Digital diagnostic cente

Designed to support medical decision making

Medical Digital Diagnostic Center (MDDC) brings together a wide range of AI solutions and a team of specialists in various fields of medicine to help doctors make the most effective decisions.

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