Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

We combine advanced artificial intelligence technologies and professional experience of doctors into a single SberMedAI platform, designed to improve the healthcare system and help healthcare professionals make quality diagnoses.

Our many years of experience in the development of high-tech services for the healthcare sector allow us to provide the most requested services to the market, and resources and qualifications to integrate high-tech services into healthcare institutions.

By automating routine procedures, we provide doctors more freedom to follow their true vocation: taking care of the patient.

Advanced ecosystem for AI solutions

Our solutions help:
- Medical institutions to achieve the best results
- Doctors make effective decisions
- Patients to stay healthy
- Developers and scientists to bring their ideas to life

We develop and provide a complete set of services for creating medical solutions.

Our solutions

Comprehensive supplier of AI-powered medical applications

To healthcare providers

Unified platform for digitalization of medical services, support for clinical decision-making, and providing stable quality of local medical care.

To healthcare professionals

AI-powered products that support all stages of clinical decision-making

To developers

Help launch, distribute and support AI-powered medical solutions

Digital diagnostic cente

Designed to support medical decision making

Medical Digital Diagnostic Center (MDDC) brings together a wide range of AI solutions and a team of specialists in various fields of medicine to help doctors make the most effective decisions.

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